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Specialty Lubricants

Speciality lubricants by MOLYKOTE™ are designed specifically to solve lubrication-related problems. Lubricants can also save energy by reducing friction and wear. The unique chemistry of MOLYKOTE™ lubricants ensures that oxidation rates are significantly reduced. This prevents premature lubricant breakdowns, leading to longer service life, more efficient lubrication and fewer undesirable by-products in the lubricant.

We provide six different types of lubricants for various purposes:

Greases are solid to semisolid materials designed for dynamic lubrication on automotive materials. They contain solid lubricants which make it well-suited to lubrication under heavy loads. Greases are also durable under extreme temperatures. High performance fluorinated greases provide resistance to degradation from fuels and oils.

Pastes are grease-like materials containing a high-percentage of solid lubricants. They are especially useful as initial run-in and high-load lubricants.

Compounds are great-like silicone lubricants used as non-curing sealants or as release agents between non-metals and metals. Compounds are resistant to oxidation and withstand a wide range of temperatures.

High-performance industrial lubricating oils are strengthened with additives to provide optimum performance and service life while maximising protection of the equipment they are designed to lubricate.

Coatings are paint-like lubricants that form dry, solid lubricant films that are bonded to the surface.

Dispersions are used when solid lubricants have to be applied in liquid form. They consist of finely divided solid lubricants suspended in lubricating fluids.

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