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Shutdown Support Services

Shutdown support service is supported by our experienced team of engineers and technicians. They ensure that the supply of gaskets, seals and other consumable items are trouble free. Before each maintenance, our engineers will visit your site to understand your work scope and will co-ordinate gasket redesign activity.

Service Benefits are:
  • Gasket specification review

  • Pre-service assessment

  • Dedicated team of engineers to offer design recommendations and solutions

  • Rapid response mobile service unit

  • Manufacturing capability to produce an extensive range of gasket types

  • Quick turnarounds

  • Significant cost savings

Caravan System & General Supply Services

With our caravan ready solutions, clients can focus on their core business. We take care of the after sales service and manage our partners spare parts programme with reputable original parts. Tat Lee Engineering has dedicated teams in place to manage the logistics, order and data management, and customer service requirements.

Technical Services

The technical services that Tat Lee Engineering provides are but not limited to gasket re-design service (ASME & API), troubleshooting, technical presentations and seminars, and gasket and materials testing. 

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Training Services

We are pleased to share our expertise, offering customised gasket training courses tailored to various requirements and skill sets. We have worked with customer’s engineers and technicians. Contact us for more information.

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