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Tat Lee manufactures, distributes and supply a broad range of gaskets designed for all operating environments.

We have a long history of developing gaskets that seal efficiently even under the toughest conditions.

In keeping with our motto “The Seal of Quality”, Tat Lee also custom-makes gaskets to provide the

best solution for our customers’ needs.

Tat Lee Engineering is committed to customer success, safety, quality and on-time delivery.

Speak to us today with your requirements.

As the largest manufacturer of gaskets in Singapore, Tat Lee prides ourselves on our highly personalised services. Our PROSEEL gaskets have been effectively used for more than a decade in various plants and applications in Singapore and the region, and can be made to order according to our customers’ specifications. We are also able to recommend solutions according to your needs.

PROLAS recyclable flange gaskets for fluid delivery

• Superior long term sealing performance
• Drinking water safe (NSF) for potable water delivery
• Current rubber EPDM material is “single use”, generates rubber waste at end of life à Replaced PROLAS gaskets are collected back and recycled into new gasket production
• High level of production waste (30%) during gasket cutting process that is disposed à Production waste from PROLAS gaskets can be recycled in-house










We are proud to partner Frenzelit GMBH, a leader in innovative gasket materials for more than a century, combining innovative ideas with proven products to always find the right solutions for our customers. A variety of high-quality gasket materials are used to meet our customer’s requirements, such as fiber gaskets, graphite gaskets, high-temperature mica gaskets, PTFE gaskets.

Solar Heating Buildings

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