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Standard Piping and Custom made Gaskets for
your pipelines and equipments

Industries We Serve


Trusted partner to plant owners and contractors. Engineering support for TA planning, TA and SDM on site caravan service.

Marine & Offshore
Marine & Offshore

Wide range of gasket materials, lubricants and sealants for marine applications.

Mobility & Transportation
Mobility & Transportation

Thermal management and proven lubrication solutions for enhanced operating design and performance.


Silicone thermal interface materials for component durability and reliability.

Water Industries
Water Industries

Effective solutions for sustainable applications.

General Industries
General Industries

We can provide or recommend solutions to customers across all industries.

About Tat Lee Engineering

Corporate Profile

Tat Lee Engineering Pte Ltd was established in 1973 with a mission to provide superior sealing technology for our clients. We have supplied creative solutions to refineries, power energy plants, shipbuilding and repair, petrochemical and manufacturing industries for more than half a century.

Tat Lee HQ.png

We value long term business partnerships, offering a variety of sealing and lubricating solutions with our extensive product lines.


With best cost performance, based on ESG, QHS considerations and years of experience in technical and creative solutions, we take pride in our excellent service from our professional and efficient team.

Featured Products

Performance Silicone Materials
Specialty Lubricants
Solar Heating Buildings

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